10 Ways to Make the Most of Your REEF Inflatable Mat

MISSION REEF inflatable mats provide endless opportunities for fun. With the mat's multiple shapes and sizes, you can have a blast no matter how many folks are joining you for a day on the lake!

To make sure you're getting the most from your mat, check out our list below:

Here are 10 Ways to Use Your REEF Inflatable Mat

1. Expand Your Space

Expand the square footage of hang space by launching your REEF mat off your boat or dock. This will give you more room to move around, play games, and relax!

2. Use REEF As a Slip & Slide

Looking for an activity to occupy the kiddos? Keep them busy by using your REEF mat as a slip and slide. Just splash some soapy water on the mat and slip-slide away!

3. Make it Fun For Fido

Dogs are family, so it's important to include your pup in the fun. Be sure to keep those nails trimmed so your furry companion can enjoy the REEF inflatable mat with the rest of the family.

4. Turn REEF Into a Tumble Track

REEF is your very own tumble track. Inflate the REEF mat to a firmer PSI and let your kids (or yourself) jump, flip and tumble all day long.

5. Relax to the Max

If relaxing is the name of the game, the HEX 82 has you covered. All you need now are your friends, family and a drink. The entire REEF collection is perfect for relaxation.

6. Cool Down By Dipping Your Feet In

Need to cool down? Use the REEF mat as a floating dock to dip your feet without soaking your whole body.

7. Get a Workout In

In need of a workout? Try yoga on your REEF mat to get a killer core workout.

8. Play Games

In the mood to play king of the hill? The REEF mat is the perfect "hill" to get this game rolling on the water. Our REEF 112 is a perfect setup for a little water volleyball as well.

9. Pump Up the Party

Join forces by tying up your REEF mat. If you have a few REEF mats joining your party, set up your mats in multiple different arrangements to have the ultimate party-on-the-water experience for your crew.

10. Just Lean Back

Need a place to sit? No problem, REEF mats are chair-friendly. Find your favorite lounge chair and set it up on the mat. Make sure there are no sharp edges and you’ll be good to go.

Ready to Make a Splash?

Whether you’re throwing a party for fun in the sun or you’re simply a party of one, there are a plethora of ways to have a total blast on your MISSION Mat. Shop the REEF collection to get started!