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It's the most versatile boat and dock bumper. Think of it as the multi-tool of fenders. ICON gives you options, acting as your one solution for any situation.

Modern boaters deserve modern solution for protecting their boats and sausage fenders just don’t cut it anymore. They’re awkward, they shift, they mark, and they wreck the stylish aesthetic of boats today. ICON’s pyramid profile shape prevents it from rolling and shifting, so it’s always in the right place.

Molded from XL EXTRALIGHT® closed-cell foam, ICON is lightweight and extremely durable. Non-marking, non-staining, waterproof, fade resistant, and easy to clean. Enough said.

ICON fenders measure 18" long x 7" wide x 4.5" thick

icon boat fender
icon fender in use on side of boat
how to hang icon boat fender
icon boat fender in use on dock
icon boat fender in use on boat
icon boat fender on pontoon
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back of icon boat fender
upright icon boat fender
how to properly hang boat fenders
icon boat fender upright
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icon boat fender hanging positions
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ICON | Boat & Dock Fenders


The most versatile boating and docking bumper.


It’s a multi-tool.

You can configure ICON or multiple ICONs together for a range of situations you may encounter on the water. Route your lines through the channels and rig up what you need, when you need.


Less is more.

Patented XL EXTRALIGHT® closed cell foam makes ICON extremely lightweight, durable. Its compact pyramid profile is capable of providing impact protection comparable to a 10-12” cylindrical fender – plus its improved shape makes for neater, stacked storage.

8 attachment points.

Countless configurations.

With eight strategically placed attachment points, you can attach ICON in countless configurations. Attach vertically or horizontally to hug the contours of your boat or dock structure.

One solution for any situation.

ICON’s thoughtful design gives your whole fender game an upgrade. Say goodbye to awkward sausage shaped fenders and choose a design that offers custom configurations for a perfect fit on any boat or dock.

Pass-through access.

The large openings in the front face of ICON allows dock lines to pass through in situations where the fender covers the boat cleat. Hang ICON vertically or horizontally to hug the contours of your boat and adapt to any docking environment.

Work smarter, not harder.

It’s how they should have been designed all along! With eight attachment points, you can easily attach ICON fenders where you need protection the most and get back to enjoying your time on the water.

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