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Innovative Boat Fenders and Bumpers for Optimal Protection

We provide a variety of premium boat fenders and bumpers to help you protect your marine investment. Our range of innovative docking solutions help you handle the different situations you may face on the water, including small boat fenders, large boat fenders, and inflatable boat bumpers, each with their own specific use. We've put our designs through extensive testing to create the most effective and durable boat fenders and bumpers for boaters everywhere.

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Frustration free docking.

Boaters appreciate the ease and speed at which you can deploy the SENTRY Boat Fender. It hugs the contours of your boat – offering better protection both above and below the rub rail.

Introducing RONIN 

PWC Protection

The reliable companion for safeguarding your personal watercraft (PWC) with ease and efficiency. Made from our patented, non-marking, closed-cell foam – RONIN is strong, durable and UV resistant.

Introducing MAVEN

Pontoon Protection

A savvy solution for safeguarding your pontoon boat with ease and reliability. Designed with your convenience in mind, MAVEN takes the hassle out of docking, so you can focus on enjoying your time on the water.


The docking dance is over.

Inflate a reliable and sturdy bumper for your dock, protecting it and your watercraft from potential damage throughout the boating season.


Ultimate tie-up bumper.

Eliminate all tie-up worries in one fell swoop by putting a heavy duty barrier between your boat and the surrounding unpredictabilities.