Beyond The Garage

Building An Idea-Driven Company

As an emerging force in the marine and boating sector, MISSION has always aimed to disrupt the industry by unveiling new products at every turn. But there is an important rule at MISSION, followed because it has driven the company to grow outside the confines of the garage that once held this bustling start up: Products must be different. They have to challenge the status quo.

“Ideas are a dime a dozen – but which idea do you follow down the rabbit hole? – that’s the puzzle you’re always trying to solve.”

– Kris Clover, Chief Design Officer

When the juices are flowing.

When the juices are flowing you can’t turn it off. “You shouldn’t,” co-founder and Chief Design Officer, Kris Clover says. “Ideas are a dime a dozen – but which idea do you follow down the rabbit hole? – that’s the puzzle you’re always trying to solve. When you get on a roll and things start to take shape, you’ll just feel it,” Kris says. “You need to lean into that feeling – right then and there. You never really know when it’s going to come again.”

New headquarters. Cutting-edge technology.

Located in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Kris and the MISSION leadership team are building an environment where ideas can incubate into whatever’s ‘next.'

And it’s not just the beer fridge and snack closet that are locked and loaded for growth. The new headquarters has all the toys. CNC machines, 3D printers, mills, and sewing machines fill the woodshop and prototyping labs making it a haven of cutting-edge technology.

Rethinking everything.

There’s an old enemy of great: good enough. And without a shift in mindset, “good enough” products have a way of lingering around for generations.

With no one really thinking about the boating accessory space and how “good enough” products could be completely reimagined – MISSION found opportunity.

“Sometimes the way it’s always been done is for a very good reason. Other times,” Kris says with a smile – “it’s just because we’ve been kind of lazy.”

While the garage phase of the business is in the rearview mirror, the scrappy ”let’s try it” mentality of those days lives on. “We don’t take for granted that we get to design ‘fun’ for a living,” Kris says. ”And if we want to keep at it – we need to deliver amazing products that change experiences. That’s the plan.”

Thank you for the support as we’ve grown and for injecting excitement into what we do.