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It’s easier than ever to bring the good times to the water. With REEF LITE, inflation and deflation is a breeze so you’re on the water faster.

Introducing our most portable floating mats yet, REEF LITE packs down small into a reimagined backpack storage bag designed for maximum portability.

The blue REEF LITE edition comes in two new mat sizes – both perfectly sized for on-the-water fun, while remaining compact and lightweight.

Both REEF LITE 60 and REEF LITE HEX 72 are 4-inches thick and made with the same premium and durable construction MISSION mats are known for.

Inflated Dimensions //
60 SQ-FT
6-FT x 10-FT
4-IN thick

9-FT x 10.2-FT
4-IN thick

Capacity //
REEF LITE 60 | 1,250lbs
REEF LITE HEX 72 | 1,500lbs

Approximate Pumping Time* //
REEF LITE 60 | 3 minutes
REEF LITE HEX 72 | 3.5 minutes

Each Purchase Includes //
(1) Manual Double-Action Pump*
(1) Black Backpacking Storage Bag
(1) Repair Kit (just in case)

Reef lite inflatable mat in multiple sizes
family playing on reef line rectangular mat
hexagonal reef lite inflatable mat product shot
people pumping up reef lite mat with air pump
carrying bag for reef lite mat
people standing on reef lite mat
people using reef lite mat in water
people walking while carrying reef lite mat
air pump for reef lite mat
Rolled up reef lite mat
close up side view of reef lite mat
reef lite mat carrying bag
top view of reef lite rectangular mat
reef lite rectangular mat product shot
side of reef lite mat
side with handles of reef lite mat
hexagonal reef lite mat
side view of hexagonal reef lite mat
reef lite hexagonal mat
close up of mission logo on reef lite mat
family playing on a set of reef lite mats


Bring the fun.


Rectangle | 60 SQ-FT

Your pop-up floating sun deck awaits. Roughly the size of a California King (well, a foot longer actually) this mat is the perfect size for 2-4 people to lay out and enjoy the sunshine. With the small profile, these mats are super lightweight –making them the easiest to deploy or fold up.


Hexagon | 72 SQ-FT

It's the perfect shape for a small group to hangout on the water. Gather ‘round with good friends and better gossip, while enjoying the comfort and stability of this 72 SQ-ft floating island. At only 39.7lbs, the HEX is still lightweight and easy to transport. Perfect for 3-5 people.

A new pack.

The new compact storage bag comes with backpack straps and was design around comfort and turning the processes of transporting your mat into lite work.

Rigid & sturdy construction.

When inflated you can stand, jump, climb, and play on this mat all day long without ever worrying that it’s going to sink, flip or deflate.

Built-in tie off.

Integrated handles and a built-in D-ring make carrying or tethering your mat to any boat, dock, or anchor simple. *REEF is NOT designed for towing*

Fresh paint job.

REEF LITE mats come exclusively in our Antique Blue trim. The materials and construction we use on our mats is the best. Period. Durable and flexible vinyl, fused with tough 1000D nylon (think naval applications) bound together through a drop-stitch core.

Bring it. Inflate it. Anywhere.

It's easier than ever to bring the good time to the water. With REEF LITE inflation and deflation is a breeze, so you're on the water faster.

Fast set-up.

When the sun is out you don't want to be stuck on shore. Our high-capacity, dual-action hand pump is designed to work twice as fast, so you can get out on the water with friends fast.

Hangout on the water.

The perfect sun deck for floating, relaxing, or all out shenanigans. Enjoy your time on the water like never before.

REEF Splash
Sun. Splash. Repeat.
Lake days will never be the same.
Pump up the fun.
Upgrade your summer.

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