MISSION | Boat Cleaning Kit | Cleaning Supplies & Tote

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Make it shine. Everything you need for day-to-day boat care. Our grab-and-go boat cleaning kit conveniently organizes your cleaners and towels into a functional carrying tote that's the perfect size to keep on the boat.

Buy our proprietary cleaning chemicals individually!

(1) 32oz Water Spot Remover
(1) 16oz Vinyl Protectant
(1) 16oz Glass Cleaner
(1) 16oz Vinyl Cleaner
(1) 30” x 30” microfiber detailing towel in orange trim
(3) 18” x 18” microfiber detailing towels in blue, green & lime trims
(1) Carrying tote OR 23L CASSI Gear Tote OR No Tote

boat cleaning kit from MISSION
MISSION | Boat Cleaning Kit | Cleaning Supplies & Tote
person holding boat cleaning kit in tote
MISSION boat cleaning kit in tote
MISSION boat water spot remover
MISSION boat glass cleaner
MISSION boat vinyl cleaner
MISSION boat vinyl protectant
MISSIONS Tuko detailing towels
Person holding cleaning kit
Person using boat cleaning kit
Person using vinyl cleaner on boat
person using boat water spot remover spray
MISSION | Boat Cleaning Kit | Cleaning Supplies & Tote

What's Included?

Water Spot Remover

Lasting, streakless shine with no 'sting your nose' smell. Works great on metal, glass, and won't remove the wax on your fiberglass gelcoat.


What's Included?

Glass Cleaner

Get a streak-free and smooth surface finish with our specially formulated MISSION glass cleaner. Comes in a fresh cucumber melon scent.


What's Included?

Vinyl Protectant

Moisturizes vinyl for that ‘like-new’ shine. Helps protect against fading, cracking, and UV. Works great on plastics and rubber moldings too.


What's Included?

Vinyl Cleaner

Removes heavy dirt and grime stains, restoring vinyl seats and surfaces to their original glory. Fast-acting for quick and easy cleaning.



TUKO Detailing Towels

TUKO microfiber is ultra-soft and absorbent for streak-free cleaning and drying. Each towel is perfectly sized for the job at hand – and is color-coded, so it’s easy to keep them paired with your cleaners.

(1) 30”x30” (3) 18”x18”

What's Included?

Carrying Case

Our grab-and-go tote conveniently organizes your cleaners and towels into a functional kit. Adjustable and collapsable, this caddy keeps things neat on the boat. 

Squeaky. Clean.

Complete boat care.

The perfect boat care kit.

Everything is included. Everything fits in the carrying tote. Store it in the boat so you always have what you need.

You love to see it.

That crystal clear view. Get a streak-free and smooth surface finsh with our specially formulated glass cleaner. Bonus: a fresh cucumber melon scent that the crew will appreciate.

Detailing towels for each cleaner.

Four microfiber towels perfectly sized for the jobs at hand. And because each towel has a color too, you’ll always know which one you’re using with which cleaner. Sometimes it's the little things.  

The weather is lookin' good!
Don't wrestle with gear in the sun. Our time outside is limited, so let’s make the most of it.
CASSI Gear Tote
Get organized, Captain.
Multiple sizes so you can mix, match and stay organized.

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