From Pencil to Production

The Story Behind Our RONIN PWC Fender

From pencil to production. Tracing the line to product realization is not always so…straight.

It’s February, and Caleb Bedsted is on version nine of his latest assignment. He’s not particularly jazzed about that fact, but he’s also not discouraged. This is par for the course – and plus, he just had a breakthrough that will change everything. As he finalizes the CAD rendering in Solidworks, he grins. He can’t help but think to himself, ’this is it.’ It was not it. Yet.

The Assignment

Design a set of fenders that can be used to protect personal watercrafts (PWCs) in any situation.

The Challenges

Lightweight personal watercrafts sit low in the water and are vulnerable to wave impact, complicating docking without specialized lifts. Limited storage and attachment points hamper transport and handling of full-size fender solutions.

“Sure, you can topple an idea – but that just means it was weak to begin with.”

– Caleb Bedsted

Meet Caleb Bedsted

For most of us, ”back to the drawing board” is just an analogy. But when your job is to live that analogy, you start to appreciate what that process provides. Sometimes, it’s exactly what the best ideas need.

“You have to be comfortable with your ideas getting poked at,” Industrial Designer Caleb Bedsted says.

In the case of Caleb’s latest project – the PWC fender – the biggest strides actually came right after the biggest holes were poked.

“This wasn’t an easy one,” Caleb says. “There were certain non-negotiables – mandatories I couldn’t ignore or compromise on.”

The fender had to have quick and easy attachment, simple height adjustments, a low profile that hit the sweet spot between effective protection and compact size, and the aesthetic had to be refined, yet bold – a unique style that had never been seen before.

“Simple, right?” Caleb chuckles.

Introducing Our RONIN PWC Fender

“It’s not luck,” CEO Corey Uchtman says staring at the completed PWC fender in his hands. “Caleb is relentless in his PD process. Thoughtful and intentional down to the last detail. That’s why this thing is so good.”

Finally, a specialized PWC fender crafted for tailored protection. Compact, easy to store, and ingeniously designed, RONIN ensures quick attachment and versatile placement, keeping your personal watercraft safeguarded in style.