What Makes MISSION Wakesurf Boards Different?

We created the MISSION wakesurf board line to give people access to legitimate surf platforms without asking them to fork over an entire paycheck. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all board, so we launched four distinct boards that appeal to different surf styles and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned shredder, weekend warrior, or total newbie, we’ve got a board that you can surf comfortably and confidently. Meet the MISSION wakesurf board family.

ALPHA: Skim-Style Board

We designed ALPHA to be a true all-around ripper that will give experienced surfers a competition-class board while still being approachable to new and intermediate riders looking to elevate their surf game.

ALPHA Wakesurf Board by MISSION

It features a relaxed, slightly rounded shape with a wider nose and tail section that straightens out the rails for increased contact with the surface of the wave. This allows for more drive which helps you generate speed to set up for that next big trick. The rails are tuned with a hard-edge profile that releases easier when doing 360s, generates added acceleration, and gives more control at the tail for powering through turns. The carbon fiber top deck and rails make the board super rigid for more snap and responsiveness. The carbon layers also help keep the weight down making it easier to recover from 360s and other tricks.
  • Carbon fiber top deck and rails with a glass bottom.
  • 2.3lb EPS core for improved rigidity and resistance to pressure dings.
  • Interchangeable 1”x7” and 2”x7” fins to help you fine-tune the board to your liking.
  • The hard rail setup generates more traction at the nose and control at the tail for powering through your turn.

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BRAVO: Surf-Style Board

BRAVO is designed to operate like a finely tuned surf machine. We wanted to create the ultimate platform for huge airs, massive hang-time, and tons of acceleration – all in a shape that allows riders to step down in board size for enhanced maneuverability without worrying about catching the nose.

BRAVO Wakesurf Board by MISSION

BRAVO is the trifecta of surf-style board design featuring a snub nose shape, extra-wide cross-section, and monster concave in the tail. These elements combine to give you killer carving performance and acceleration for giant airs, 360s, and power slides.

  • Carbon top deck and rails with a glass bottom.
  • 2.3lb EPS core for improved rigidity and resistance to pressure dings.
  • 4.3” twin fin setup for massive acceleration and carving hold.
  • Thick surf-style cross-section for more float in the tail section. This gives better acceleration and stability when landing airs.
  • Wider cross-section for more surface area through the center of the board.
  • Concave area in the tail forms an air pocket under the back of the board that creates lift to reduce drag and push the board forward.
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CHARLIE: Skim-Style Board

Learning how to get up on a wakesurf board for the first time can be an exercise in patience and determination. Convention might tell you to pick a large, thick surfboard like you would use to learn how to surf in the ocean. But that’s not the case with wakesurfing. Large, super buoyant boards are difficult to control and stabilize when trying to get up behind a boat for the first time.

CHARLIE Wakesurf Board by MISSION

We found that using a thinner board with more surface area and less buoyancy makes it easier to stand up for the first time. Beginning riders can easily pivot CHARLIE into the ready position when the boat is put into gear. The plywood and bamboo construction, combined with a pill shape, provides plenty of surface area to help riders pop up, get comfortable, and drop the rope. It’s a great, affordable solution for beginner and intermediate riders but advanced surfers will love snapping off tricks and slingshot moves.

  • Durable plywood construction with bamboo top and bottom sheet for added stiffness.
  • 2”x5” fin for extra stability.
  • Trackpad for enhanced grip.


KAPPA: Skim-Style Board

KAPPA features a classic skim-style shape that serves up smiles time after time. It’s a great option for fast-growing kids and adults looking to rip new tricks like 360s, pop shuvits, power slides, and airs – KAPPA can do it all.

KAPPA Wakesurf Board by MISSION

It has an elongated pill shape with a longer nose that makes the board super maneuverable while keeping the tip of the board above water when throwing down tricks. The rails are hard-edged to give you more acceleration and responsiveness. These hard rails are used to carve and generate power through the water.

  • Durable compression molded construction.
  • 1”x8” super-skim fin offers great tracking and easy spinning.
  • Full-length footpad for more ways to grip.

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30-Day Buy-n-Try Program

In a perfect world, every wakesurfer would have a board that’s tailored to their unique style, skill, and body type. But we don’t live in that world, so we tried our best to create four unique boards that appeal to as many surfers as possible. To help you find the right board, we’re offering a 30-Day Buy-n-Try Program with all new boards. Try out any of our boards for 30 days and if it’s not the perfect fit for you, you can swap it out for one of our other boards or get a refund

Protect Your Board

Keeping your board safe from damage will keep you in love with it long after the initial excitement wears off. Our Board Socks are the perfect option for fending off nicks, dings, and scratches that can pop up while transporting or storing your board.

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If you’re not sure which board is right for you, check out our other board blog or give us a shout and we’ll help you narrow things down.

See you on the water!