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3 Essential Boat Knots

Mark from MISSION covers three essential knots that all boaters should know. These three essential boat knots will help make a day on the water easy and comfortable.

There are hundreds of knot options for very specific purposes, but the Cleat Hitch Knot, the Clove Hitch Knot and the Bowline Knot are truly the best basic boating knots to get you through your day (and make you look like a pro!) on the water.

Tips and Tricks to Learn How to Wakesurf
If you're looking to learn how to wakesurf, we've got you covered. Check out our tips and tricks to make getting up on the board and carving the wave easy and fun.
How to Get a Great Wakesurf Wave
To make sure your waves don’t fall flat this summer, we’ve put together a guide on the four elements that can make (or break) a surf wave. Ready to ride some killer waves? Let’s get started.
How Do Wake Shapers Actually Work On Inboard Boats
Check out this 3-minute video from co-founder Kris Clover of MISSION Boat Gear and learn how wake shapers work on an inboard boat.
The Ultimate Wakesurfer's Trip to Turks and Caicos | Travel Guide
What better place to test out and photograph our new 2021 products than the beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos? We were lucky enough to partner with our friends at Wake to Wake Watersports to put our MISSION gear to the test on that iconic turquoise water.
Teaching Someone How To Wakesurf | Step-by-Step
Help your friends and family learn the basics of wakesurfing so they can have a fun day on the water and experience the thrill of surfing an endless wave.
What Makes MISSION Wakesurf Boards Different?
We created the MISSION wakesurf board line to give people access to legitimate surf platforms without asking them to fork over an entire paycheck. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all board, so we launched four distinct boards that appeal to different surf styles and skill levels. 
Elements of a Wakesurf Board | Understanding Wakesurfers
Surfboard design has ebbed and flowed along an evolving wave of styles, concepts, and applications – especially once surfers began taking their boards from the ocean to lakes and rivers. Understanding how a wakesurf board is designed and how the different elements combine to create a unique ride will help you choose the one that fits your surf style.
What Kind of Wakesurf Board Should You Get? | Consider These Things When Shopping
Choosing a wakesurf board is a tough decision, whether you're an experienced surfer or brand new to the sport. This blog will walk you through some of the basics wakesurf board elements, the difference between board styles, and how to pick the best one for your needs and surfing style.
How To Weight Your Boat For Wakesurfing
Learning how to properly ballast your boat and set up your aftermarket wakeshaper will help you create a clean, surfable wake without having to drop $100,000+. All it takes is a little know-how and the right gear.
Which Wake Shaper Is Right For You? | Understanding How Shapers Actually Work
Deciding which wake shaper is right for your aquatic shenanigans doesn’t have to be harder than trying to pick your next binge-athon on Netflix while your dinner gets cold. Let us help you understand the different options so you can choose what's best for you.
Wakesurfing A 70' Charter Yacht with the MISSION DELTA 2.0
Here at MISSION we often receive the question "Will DELTA work on my length boat?" The answer is always yes, the principle of delaying wake conversion, in theory, should work on any length boat. To prove it we wake surfed behind a 70-foot yacht on Lake Minnetonka.
DELTA Wake Shaper Product Review by Wakeboarding Magazine

The team over at Wakeboarding Mag took the time to put together a review of the DELTA Wake Shaper.

Thanks, guys!

DELTA Wakesurf Shaper Review :: Boarders Magazine
Huge shout-out to Tyler at Boarders Magazine for taking the time to put together a compressive review of our DELTA Wake shaper.