Inflatable Water Mats vs. Floating Foam Pads

Everyone’s idea of a perfect day on the water is a little different. Some people are all about jumping in feet first and getting wet and wild. Some people just like to kick back, relax, and soak up some rays. Some people like to do it all.

But when it comes to floating water mats, the majority of them are flimsy, floppy foam mats that don’t hold their shape and take on water the second you climb on – whether you like it or not.

That’s why we created the REEF inflatable mat to give you more control over how you experience your day on the water. So, what makes REEF different from all the foam mats on the market?

Durable construction

We designed REEF to handle all kinds of horseplay, roughhousing, and tomfoolery. Each REEF inflatable water mat features 1000D nylon – the same material used in highly demanding naval applications – and utilizes drop-stitch construction with double-reinforced seams for added durability. So go ahead, goof around.

Rigid, not floppy

REEF won’t bend, flip, or submerge unless you get really creative. At four inches thick, it’s the sturdiest inflatable water mat on the market – so you can stand, jump, climb, and play on it all day long without worrying that it’s going to sink or deflate.

Check Out the REEF Mat in Action

More versatility

REEF comes in multiple sizes to fit any lake, river, or imagination. Whether you’re looking to practice the ancient art of zen-floating or an afternoon of aquatic shenanigans, we’ve got a water mat for that.

Tie off

Don’t let the good times drift away before you’ve had time to enjoy them. REEF comes equipped with a stainless steel D-ring for quick and easy tethering to any dock, boat, or anchor*. We recommend using a mushroom-style anchor to avoid accidental tears or punctures – REEF is incredibly durable but it’s not invincible.

Each REEF also comes with four integrated handles for easy lifting and carrying while inflated.

*REEF is NOT designed for towing

Inflates and deflates quickly

Each REEF comes with a high-flow, double-action hand pump (26-foot REEF comes with a 120v electric pump) that works twice as hard to inflate your REEF quickly. A built-in pressure gauge will tell you when your REEF PSI reaches the perfect level. Recommended PSI is 2-5 depending on desired firmness.

REEF features a Halkey-Roberts high-pressure valve to maintain air pressure until you’re ready to call it a day. Your REEF can be deflated in the same amount of time it took to inflate (time depends on mat size).

Easier storage

Foam mats roll up like giant, inedible burritos and take up valuable space on your boat. REEF inflatable water mats pack down and come with their own durable storage bag that can double as an extra seat on your boat or dock.

Now it really is all fun and games.