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3 Essential Boat Knots

Mark from MISSION covers three essential knots that all boaters should know. These three essential boat knots will help make a day on the water easy and comfortable.

There are hundreds of knot options for very specific purposes, but the Cleat Hitch Knot, the Clove Hitch Knot and the Bowline Knot are truly the best basic boating knots to get you through your day (and make you look like a pro!) on the water.

How to Choose the Right Boat Fenders and Bumpers
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Different Types of Boat Anchors | Not All Boat Anchors Are Created Equal
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Inflatable Water Mats vs. Floating Foam Pads

When it comes to floating water mats, the majority of them are made with flimsy, floppy foam that doesn’t hold its shape and takes on water the second you climb aboard – whether you like it or not. Our latest article explains the difference between our REEF Inflatable Mat and regular foam mats.

Which Wake Shaper Is Right For You? | Understanding How Shapers Actually Work
Deciding which wake shaper is right for your aquatic shenanigans doesn’t have to be harder than trying to pick your next binge-athon on Netflix while your dinner gets cold. Let us help you understand the different options so you can choose what's best for you.