12v DC Electric Pump | Low Pressure Air Pump for Inflatables

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Compact and hardworking, our low-pressure pump fills inflatables to 1 PSI fast. It conveniently plugs into a 12v accessory power outlet (cigarette) and has a 10-ft cord.

Deploy any inflatable with ease. Our low-pressure pump conveniently plugs into the 12v accessory power adapter (formerly known as the cigarette lighter) so you can inflate your REEF mat from the back of the boat. Our pump comes with a variety of nozzles so you can even inflate your glamping mattress with this thing! No matter what you are inflating, you can count on this pump to save you some backache.

PUMP ON THE GO - 12v accessory power adapter with a 10' long cord works in most boats, cars, or RV's

LOW PRESSURE / FAST FILL - Pumps out 19 ft³/min and achieves a pressure of 1 PSI. Perfect for the TITAN Tie-up Bumper or combine with a hand pump for fast filling of REEF Mats.

FITS MOST INFLATABLES - Includes 4 adapter tips that allow you to fill and deflate most inflatables.

1 x 12v DC Low Pressure Pump
1 x Halkey-Roberts adapter tip
1 x Boston Valve adapter tip
1 x Mattress Valve adapter tip
1 x Oral Valve adapter tip

mission low pressure air pump
low pressure air pump in use
close up of mission 12v air pump
air pump with attachments
12v air pump
demonstration of MISSION 12v air pump
air pump being used to inflate REEF Mat
air pump in use for boat fender

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