Paddlemoms | Ep 3

It’s Wednesday night, which means one thing: it’s Paddle Night. Jill, Michelle, and Judy have made it a point (for the past 7 years!) to carve out one night a week for themselves. No work, no kids, no husbands and no phones. They’ve found that when it’s just them and the water, that’s where the best conversations take place.

“It’s really helped us to get close and form strong relationships. It’s how we recharge and reset each week.”

The agenda for Paddle Club (which they’ve coined the night) isn’t always the same. “Sometimes it’s just about floating and chatting.” Other nights, the gals get down to it and glide across the water as a full-body workout. Sometimes it’s a combo–but a few things are for certain.

One, they always go. “Even when we feel like physically, we just can't, we make it happen for each other.” And two, the post-paddle food and drinks. “Hey, the kids are already asleep – and we’re hungry, so we’ll never call it early.”

The added bonus? A fun element of exploration. Each week the crew mixes up the location – a new week, a new lake. Inflatable boards make it easy to pack up the car, inflate the boards on-site, and get out onto the water fast. “We’ve really gotten to know the area around us and all the great lakes in our city.”