DELTA Wakesurf Shaper Review :: Boarders Magazine

Mission accomplished with the MISSION DELTA Wakesurf Shaper. In a new and exploding inland surf sport era you can spend over $100K for a state of the art surf boat and the latest wakesurfing technology. Or with the new DELTA Wakesurf Shaper, you can spend a little less than $500, for a $100K wave.

"Wakesurfing made simple?" Yep!! Ever since Malibu Boats introduced the concept of water displacement with a side to side wedge system the doors have been opened for shaping devices like the DELTA that do just that. No need for velcro or anything, you can just suction cup this to the opposite side of the boat that you want to surf on and enjoy the ride...

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Huge shout-out to Tyler at Boarders Magazine for taking the time to put together a compressive review of our DELTA Wake shaper.