Wakesurfing A 70' Charter Yacht with the MISSION DELTA 2.0

Here at MISSION we often receive the question "Will DELTA Wakesurf Shaper work on my length boat?" The answer is always yes, the principle of delaying wake conversion, in theory, should work on any length boat.

To drive this home once and for all on June 23rd, 2017 in partnership with Paradise Charter Cruises located on Lake Minnetonka. We outfitted their 70' Paradise Destiny II with our DELTA. Destiny II has a beam of 17', weighs in at 100,000 pounds, and can carry 100 passengers. We utilized 3 DELTAs to cover the massive depth of the hull.

When we left port we were all a bit skeptical, as the first surfer entered the water and we got up to the maximum speed of 12 knots the wake began shaping up and the surfer tossed the rope, just like that we set a company record for the largest boat surfed with DELTA.