Which Wake Shaper Is Right For You? | Understanding How Shapers Actually Work

Deciding which wake shaper is right for your aquatic shenanigans doesn’t have to be harder than trying to pick your next binge-athon on Netflix while your dinner gets cold. We know the feeling. It’s called “decision paralysis.” You just want to find a wake shaper that’ll help you drop the handle and ride, but you don’t know which wake shaper will fit your needs and your riding style.

The good news is that you came to MISSION Boat Gear, where we practice the buddy system – no surfer left behind! So, no matter which wake shaper you choose, you’re gonna have a killer time shredding wakes with your friends and family.

What Do Wake Shapers Do?

Let’s take a step back and talk about how wake shapers enhance your wakesurfing experience. All wake shapers disrupt the stream of water that collides with the surf-side wake on the opposite side of the boat. They introduce turbulence that diffuses the power of that stream and allows the wake on the other side to produce a surf wave with a clean, undisturbed, face that’s perfect for surfing. There are three styles of wake shapers: wedge-style, which have a more laid-back front face; steep-angle, which obviously have a more pronounced angle; and Extra Large shapers, which are just giant versions of the other two styles.

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Difference Between Wedge-style, Steep-angle, and Extra Large Wake Shapers


These are the eager younger siblings of the wake shaper family. They’re shaped like over-sized door stoppers and do a pretty good job of disrupting the wake and creating a wave that’s surfable. Generally speaking, they can struggle to create a clean-faced wave that produces enough “push” to allow the surfer to drop the rope, but we’ve changed that with the ECHO. Be aware that due to their larger footprint, wedge shapers will fit on fewer boat hulls.


These are the wake shapers that wedges want to be when they grow up. Their steep angle and design creates more turbulence in the water, diffuses the non-surfside wake, and creates a competition-class surf wave that everyone can ride all day long. These style wake shapers also allow for more flexibility in mounting locations on the side of the boat. This is what sets the DELTA 2.0 apart from every other wake shaper on the market.

Extra Large

These can improve wave performance for boats over 24-feet but come with some serious downsides. Extra Large wake shapers create a ton of turbulence, which does not clean up the wave any more than steep-angle shapers. They put a ton of stress on the boat which impacts the handling and leads to significant increases in fuel consumption. Your wallet will definitely notice the difference.

Which Mission Wake Shaper Is Right For You?

ECHO (Wedge-style)

Maybe you’re new to wakesurfing and you want to dip your toe in the, uh… water. Maybe you’re a more casual surfer with an older, flat-sided boat who only gets out a couple times a year. Or maybe you’d like to have some money left over after buying a wake shaper to buy some food and pay your rent. If any or all of those sound like you, then the ECHO is what you need.

MISSION ECHO Wakesurf Wedge Shaper

ECHO Features

  • HyLoft™ suction cups deliver more grip and can be repositioned to get the wave you’re craving.
  • XL EXTRALIGHT® foam construction (the same kind that we use on our SENTRY fenders) that’s extremely durable and easy on your boat.
  • Lightweight, compact footprint fits into smaller spaces than other wedge-style shapers without sacrificing performance.
  • More affordable than competing wedge-style wake shapers.

ECHO Is Perfect For:

Surfers who want an entry-level wake shaper that delivers “drop-the-handle” wave performance that other wedge-style shapers can’t offer. We also recommend ECHO for surfers with older-model, flat-sided boats (made in 2000 or earlier).

Check out our ECHO wedge-style wakeshaper >

DELTA 2.0 (Steep-angle)

Close your eyes and think about the perfect day for wakesurfing. Is the water cool and calm? Check. Is the sun shining? Double check. Are you wearing sunscreen? Good. Safety first. Now think about your boat. It’s not throwing a tasty wake, is it? That’s because it’s not rocking a DELTA 2.0 wake shaper.

The DELTA is the pinnacle of wakeshaping technology, and we’ve spent over a thousand hours designing it to create the perfect wave for any riding style.

MISSION DELTA 2 Wakesurf Shaper

DELTA 2.0 Features

  • EnhancedRipFlow™ technology induces more turbulence than other steep-angle shapers without feeling like somebody tossed the anchor overboard when you weren’t looking – a major problem with other large, flat-panel wake shapers.
  • HyLoft™ suction cups deliver more grip, even on curved surfaces and complex hull shapes, and can be repositioned to get the exact wave you’re craving – no permanent mounts.
  • Reversible design lets you mount the DELTA 2.0 how and where you want to get the best performance and accommodate every riding style.
  • Plays nice with both direct-drive and v-drive boats.

DELTA 2.0 Is Perfect For:

Surfers who want a competition-class wave and the most versatile wake shaper on the market.

Check out the industry-leading DELTA 2.0 wakeshaper >

If you’re still not sure which wake shaper is right for you, give us a shout. We’ll help get you out of decision limbo so you can grab a board, catch a wave, and enjoy your time on the water.

Happy Surfing!