PUMP | High Volume Hand Pump - 3200cc / 14psi

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Our double-action hand pump works twice as hard to provide a high flow of air volume to inflate your REEF Mat quickly. The large barrel design allows you to fill your MISSION inflatable 60% faster compared to the majority of the competition.

Average fill time with our 3200cc Manual Hand Pump:
REEF LITE 60 | 2 minutes
REEF LITE HEX 72 | 2.5 minutes
REEF 85 | 3 minutes
REEF 123 | 4 minues
REEF HEX 112 | 4 minutes
REEF 129 | 6-7 minutes

Also, you'll know precisely where your PSI sweet spot is with a built-in pressure gauge. We recommend a PSI for REEF Mat between 2 to 5 PSI, depending on the desired firmness.

PUMP | High Volume Hand Pump - 3200cc / 14psi
PUMP | High Volume Hand Pump - 3200cc / 14psi

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