120v AC Electric Pump | High-Volume Air Pump for Inflatables

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Our 120v AC high-volume, medium-pressure electric air pump fills your inflatables to 3-4 PSI at super speeds.

CE Certified
3.6 PSI max pressure output
Each 120v Halkey Roberts pump comes with a five-tip adapter kit so you can inflate other common valves, like Boston valves.

NOTE: This pump draws 1000 watts of power and does not work on a boat unless you have a generator. This pump is designed to be plugged into the wall at home or on a dock with 120-volt shore power.

120v high volume air pump from MISSION
120v high volume air pump in use
Reef mat being inflated with 120 v high volume air pump
120v high volume air pump from MISSION with various attachments

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