Finding Time with Brogan Graham | Ep 2

Like so many of us, Brogan feels “busy” all the time. And with that feeling can comes a high degree of stress. Managing work and being on the road, while also trying to make the most out of being at home and being present, ain’t easy.

For him, it can feel like two opposing forces. Living in a non-stop world–at a non-stop pace–takes a toll. Connection through our phones 24/7 lets work creep in at any time. Sometimes at the worst times. It can get out of control if you don’t keep it in check. For Brogan, carving out solo time to engage with the outdoors is everything. It allows him to reset.

Special thanks to Brogan Graham for letting us tag along!


Who is Brogan Graham? Brogan’s roots are in the Midwest (Wisconsin originally). He went to college out in Boston and founded his now worldwide non-profit, The November Project. Today, Brogan lives in Minnesota near Lake Minnetonka with his family of four – navigating life as a young dad, an athlete, entrepreneur, public speaker, community leader, and all-around entertaining guy.