Choosing Between the SENTRY & ICON Boat Fender | Which one do I need?

Finding the best boat fender can be tricky—especially when you’re looking for something that is both sleek and stylish while providing top-notch protection. Luckily, MISSION Boat Gear has fender options that can do both. If you’re trying to decide between the SENTRY Fender and the ICON Fender, read about their differences and our tips on picking the best option for your boat below.

Prefer to watch? Corey talks boat fenders with angler, Steve Pennaz – explaining the key differences between SENTRY and ICON. Watch and learn!




The SENTRY Fender is sleek, stylish, and perfect for daytime use. SENTRY contours to the boat’s rub rail and hull, adding protection above and below the rail.

SENTRY attaches easily because of its rope-free cleat system. It also has an open face feature that allows for running dock lines for easy tie-up and additional security. This fender is best suited for boats that are 14’-27’ long.

When to Choose SENTRY:

  • Pulling up to a slip at your favorite restaurant on a lake? Throw the SENTRY cord over the pylon, lock it in place, and head in for dinner and drinks.

  • SENTRY is perfect when you’re headed to your friend’s cabin across the lake for some lunch. Belly up to the side of their dock and run two SENTRY Fenders through your bow and stern cleats.

  • You’re having a lake day and planning for three boats to belly up in your bay. Pull out your four SENTRY Fenders and attach them to your port, starboard bow, and stern cleats. You can be confident that you’ll have full protection on both sides of your boat.


MISSION’s Icon Fender is your go-to permanent mooring solution. No lift? Just purchased a new boat slip? No problem—the ICON Fender is your new partner in crime. With eight different rope attachment points, ICON is the one-solution-fender for any traditional or unique docking situation.

The fender’s versatility is unprecedented—it’s stackable, can be applied horizontally or vertically, and can be chain-linked. The ICON Fender is great for pontoons or boats that do not have easy cleat access.

When to Choose ICON:

  • You just bought a new slip on your favorite lake. So, you horizontally place three ICON Fenders along your dockside to ensure you have proper protection spanning the full length of your boat.

  • You’re mooring your new pontoon for the weekend in a rented slip. You find out the slip is too short and there’s a corner of the dock that looks like it could cause some damage. Not to worry! You place two ICON Fenders adjacent to each other, covering up the corner of the dock so your pontoon is safe from any penetrating points.

  • You’re docking a boat up to a friend’s dock for the weekend… But the only available space has two protruding metal dock poles that could cause damage to your boat. To solve the problem, you pull out two ICON Fenders and place them vertically on the metal dock poles.

  • You’re in a bass fishing tournament this weekend and are mooring your bass boat on a floating dock. Luckily, you have your ICON Fenders to hang from your cleats and place horizontally below the rub rail so your boat’s freeboard is fully protected.

Upgrade Your Boat With MISSION Boat Fenders

The best boat fender for your situation depends on several different factors, like your docking environment, the size of your boat, and more. It can be tough for boat owners to know which direction to go. But now that you’ve read our SENTRY vs ICON Boat Fender guide, you can confidently make an informed decision. Ready to upgrade your boat? Shop SENTRY or ICON today!